Friday, March 17, 2006

want a free cookie?

it's easy! all you have to do is go donate blood at your local blood clinic and they'll give all the cookies you want. they'll even give you juice. and soup!! play your cards right and you can make a meal out of it.

have you ever donated blood? i just started last year, all because of a little girl named allison scott (allie). she was two weeks older than my little caleb... please read allie's story here.

if you have never donated blood before, please consider it. it can save more lives than you know, it really doesn't hurt, and it's over in no time. they even have baby sitting available on fridays and saturdays. you can visit their website to read more about donating or call 1-88-2-DONTATE. go ahead, i dare ya! and please tell me if you do!

god bless,


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Tammy Brownlee said...

I would love too, but because of being under weight and my low blood pressure....I am unable too. I think that it is something everyone should consider!