Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Dave Matthews Band - Everyday

i love this video... watch it from start to finish... it's lovely!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

~my friends this weekend~

i am down two wisdom teeth, it was supposed to be four, but i won't complain. close to me are either cold things to numb the pain, or things that don't involve a lot of effort to eat. tylenol 3 is pretty cool, too, it's made for a couple of nice naps and some conversations i won't remember having.

thanks to renee who felt sorry enough for me to drop in and bring me a slurpee (thanks, renee!)

and even bigger thanks to elizabeth who thought she'd come over and photograph me in all my glory, drugged and in my pajamas, looking lovely, no doubt, and eating said refreshement. we settled on a photo of the popsicle. (she's doing an 'a week in the life' album)

my public service announcement today: never, ever do an image search on "wisdom teeth"


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Saturday, July 15, 2006

-some photos-

of last weekend at the lake. we have a super cool boss who lets us use his 'cabin' at the lake once in a while, so who are we to say no? elizabeth and ernie came out for a night with their little ones. poor gord, he was taking the kids through the field on the quad (the pollen was so bad, the air was thick with it) and had such a nasty reaction, his eyes swelled SHUT so i had to drive him to the hospital for treatment. i don't know what hurt him more... his eyes or the fact that i was driving his truck, lol. it took a couple days to get back to normal, but i guess gord has hay fever like me now. hasn't bothered me since i moved from b.c. ten years ago, but, such is life!

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Friday, July 07, 2006

-more random photos-

here's a pic of the last day of school picnic we do with mikehiela. can't unwrap a straw without blowing off the wrapper;)

this picture of caleb is another one of my favourites... it's his view from his stroller. he was so intent on his car that he didn't even notice i was there:) Posted by Picasa

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

-canada day weekend-

ours was hot, hot, hot! had an awesome time out at the lake with gord's parents, where we celebrated canada day with fireworks down at the beach, spent monday at the waterpark, monday evening out at a very loud and awesome greek restaraunt for elizabeth's 29th birthday (happy happy birthday, girl!!) and more time in the pool in our backyard. and, of course, right here, designing more fun letters!!

-ohhh, i can't wait, there's so much fun stuff to tell!! i have MORE secrets!!! YAY!!!-

and, hey, ladies!! don't forget to send me pictures of your completed letters for inclusion on my website (yes, website, it's coming!)
please send
-a close up of your letter
-a picture of it where you display it
-supply list and techiniques (any tips as well!)
-(if applicable) your blog address and link to the gallery where you post your art.

thanks ladies!! have a wonderful week!!

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

-happy 4 of july-

happy fourth of july to my american cousins! such a beautiful and free country you live in -


have a wonderful day


Saturday, July 01, 2006

-happy mail-

RAK's are cool.

but i can only do half a RAK! (make sense? didn't think so!)

mine (i guess letters by janna) are for the cost of shipping only. so i guess that's a knick knack half a rak. (yes... i know... that was's way too late)

jaymie from indiana was chosen for mine. jshe was looking to order a lowercase 'j' in a font called 'little days' (italic). very cute!

jaymie, it looks really cute! it will ship out on tuesday morning, first thing!


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-happy canada day-

happy first of july! canada is 139 years old today!

heres a little history lesson:

Many years ago, Canada belonged to England and over a period of time, different areas of our country joined together and wanted to form their own government. On July 1, 1867, The British government (under Queen Victoria) approved the British North American act which allowed Canada to become an independent country with its own government. The new nation, which remained loyal to England, was now called the Dominion of Canada. During that time, the new Dominion of Canada only contained four provinces (Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) with other provinces joining later. As of today, we have 10 provinces and 3 territories.

this time last year, i was at commonwealth stadium celebrating alberta's 100 birthday... with a rockin' FREE concert put on by many talented artists... okay, but i was only there for the BARENAKED LADIES! anyone who knows me knows how much i love bnl... i'm a die hard fan(atic). i felt pretty speshul too when ed and steve hammed it for my camera. why the treat? who cares? i left with over 100, yes, 100 pictures of those two. as i said, i am a fanatic. so here's two. need another 98?

have a wonderful canada day!!

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