Thursday, March 16, 2006

caleb & uncle caleb

yay!! so happy... after ignoring a call from a number that showed up on my call display reading 1-555-555-5555 (read: telemarketer!), i answered the same call the next day intending to tell them to remove me from their list (yes, i can't stand wasting my time and theirs!!). but it was uncle caleb!!! calling all the way from alexandra, australia!! this is his third time down there now, and he's being sponsored by a company to teach survival skills/outdoor skills to private school kids. aaaanyways... i could go on and on... but i won't;) we talked for almost two hours, it was so good to hear from him, it's a call i only get about once a year, and i never know where he'll be calling from.

so here is a picture of caleb talking to his namesake!!!

have a great day!!
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