Friday, June 30, 2006


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considering i don't like being on this end of the camera, this one hurt only half as bad. okay, THAT was bad. comedy of the sleep deprived is not always funny... but mikehiela took this picture of us... she's always wanting to take pictures... wonder where she got that from?

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Monday, June 26, 2006

love this shirt

i got this shirt for caleb when i was down in provo at target. love it... should have bought it in every available size. my very adventurous boy has injured himself more in two years than my eight year old daughter has ever done, by far. he seriously hurts himself every day, and is always adding a new bruise/cut/goose egg to his body. beats the cast he wore on his leg when he was 16 months.

that's my boy:)


good news

okay, not really.

due to unforseen circumstances, my webguy quit on me. some projects came up at his day job that will be requiring lots of overtime, and he would be unable to complete this until sometime in august. so i guess he didn't quit, i just need this up, say, yesterday. fear not! i have much up my sleeve, and this has to be up and running for sure by mid-july...
you can still order through the site.
i have some info that i put up there myself (that will be very obvious) but it tells you what you need to know.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

m is for mikehiela

this letter is from the 'impact' font family and is 8" high. i wanted to try something with a little more width to give more room to play around in. kind of funny how this one happened... i had this one cut out last week already... not totally sure what i wanted to do, but i've also been asked a few questions about photos on these letters, so i thought i should give some examples.. anyways, so i'm at chapters the other day, and i happen to find a copy of the premier issue of 'creative techniques', a cool mag for hybrid scrapperswith tons of potential. awesome! i was flipping through when i found a rockin' article by audrey neal about making letter magnets. (her work is AWESOME!) so this project was totally inspired by her!

first, i painted all the sides black (with making memories asphalt). then all i had to do was print my photo the same size as my letter... just about 8X11 (i used hp matte paper). then you can place the letter overtop the photo to trace. after that, i cut it out with an exacto knife. then i applied mod podge to the letter, just one section of the letter at a time, and not too much! just enough to cover. i used a bone folder (credit cards or the lip of a glass works in a pinch, too) to keep bubbles from forming. then i sanded any rough edges ( i just use a regular cheap emery board, you know, the black ones that you can buy at the drugstore) to even it all out. then i edged the photo with the black again. i also added heidi swapp painted chipboar letters and three of her flower jewels. finished it off with a couple of word strips with inked edges, and a length of ribbon tied at the top. what a fun, quick project!!

please leave me some honest feedback! is there another project you'd like to see? any questions? suggestions? let me know!!

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fun a la elsie

okay... i know i never had a chance to blog about cku provo but i totally LOVED elsie's class!! she was super sweet, and that was the first class i walked out of with a completed project in hand... GREAT feeling. okay... i'm thinking i should add some of those layouts i did... aaaanyways... so her whole premise is simple, yet so much fun. it's so addicting!! so between the making memories vintage paper i'm in love with, white pens and ribbon, it's a dangerous thing. these are just those 4X6 fridge magnet frames that are so much more fun scrapbooked! -j Posted by Picasa

spot the babies

hee hee... i just love this picture... lauren and caleb at west edmonton mall when they were visiting from abbotsford a couple of weeks ago. lauren is my very bestest friend (lisa) daughter

(i dunno... the structure of that sentence just doesn't look right... oh well)

*sigh* i miss her!

okay, now back to my regularily scheduled programming

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

good news

okay, it's way too late, i'm really tired, but i am SO excited!

my good friend
donna sent me an email today. and it made my day, my week, my year...

let me tell you, i'm stoked!! BIG news to share!! can't wait to spill!

thanks to all you paitent people about my website, i promise it will be very very soon now. i lie not;)

since i can't post without a picture of some sort, here's one of my new favourites!

have a wonderful weekend doing whatever it is your fathers day traditions are!


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world on fire

okay, i've had a few emails about the song here 'world on fire' if you're familiar with sarah maclachlan... this was video i wanted on my blog, but it's not available, so i took what i could get. if you haven't seen this version, i would highly recommend it.

then, please tell me what you thought.

and tell me that you didn't cry.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

please stand by

my apologies!

if you are waiting for an email from me, i have not forgotten about you! i am working through my inbox and i promise to be in touch with you very shortly!

thanks so much for your patience!!



here's a small set (only 8 inches) that i made for my daughter's room. i covered them with mm vintage paisley paper (i worked with this at cku provo and i just can't get enough of it right now... had to go out and buy more!) i used the coordinating ribbon from the set and stuck a family photo inside the 'o' because it was the perfect frame for it!

why am i showing smaller letters? i plan on making these available when my site launches... soon... soon... very soon... many people have asked if i do smaller letters as well. i do! what do you think??

stay tuned;)

have a great day!

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