Monday, March 06, 2006

corbin, again!

i just love this pic of my new little nephew, corbin! as i mentioned, his daddy jarrod is back form afghanistan and got to meet him for the first time last week!!

okay, i know i'm the obnoxious proud auntie. nothing i can do about it except post more pictures!!

thanks for humouring me... ;)

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Jessica Rabbit said...

It's okay to be a proud auntie! I sure wish I lived closer to my little nephew so go ahead, gush away! It's such a different feeling to be an aunt vs. MOM.
and I'm such a dolt, I couldn't figure out why Jack Johnson was singing away over here because my iTunes wasn't on? and then...ahhhhh...JANNA! you silly bird you!

Renee said...

I'm with Elizabeth. I was playing music on my computer and wondering where this music was coming from. I thought maybe I downloaded some bad stuff (all mixed together). Cool! Wish I could figure that out.

Talia said...

loove this page, janna! so so cute! (p.s...have you registered for USC yet?? we will have so much fun!!)