Saturday, September 24, 2005

~happy birthday to you~

here ares some pics from m's birthday party today. she really wanted to have her party at the local gym ever since she attended a party there earlier this year. they all had a blast, and thankfully, ran off all of that sugar;)
i can't believe she's eight. i still remember so much about my pregnancy with her that makes it seem just like yesterday. i even remember how i used to lay down on the couch and put a remote control over my bulging belly and watch it bob up and down as she happily kicked away. i remember watching her sleep for what must have been hours, i remember crying tears of happiness as i cuddled her while she slept, so tiny and innocent and perfectly peaceful in my arms. why was i never told how fast my life would fly by after i had children? the days have melted one into another making it seem such a blur. i guess i wasn't told because it wouldn't ever have made a difference... i would have done it all the same. i love you, my sweet girl, thanks for all that you are, the difference you have made in my life and the very reason that i went on. i love you bigger than the sky.