Thursday, March 23, 2006


okay, so this is a little bit off of what i might usually talk about... so i'll make it short!

buy this stuff. it's awesome. you can read about it
here. (yay, stacy!!)
here too (i love newsletters)

i found it at my local shopper's drug mart, and loved the handsoap. (i actually just thought it was a really cool bottle) now i'm a sucker for any citrus cleaner, so when i smelled pick grapefruit... yum!! (resist the temptation to drink it) and the bathroom wipes are flushable... YAY!! i have always used the clorox wipes in my bathroom, and i loved these!!

i'm always so happy to find out about cool stuff!!

what's one of your favourite products? i double-dog-dare ya, post a link!!!


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Jessica Rabbit said...

I searched for method last year when I first heard about it because I thought it was all natural.
Turns out it's not :( and since I'm always trying to stay true to our environment (as much as I can anyways) I really enjoy Mrs. Meyer's clean day products...
awesome stuff and so far, i can only get from Muffet and Louisa on Van Island and then search brand for Mrs. Meyers.

All aromatherapy, all natural, not harmful to the environment.
= all happy.

Tammy Brownlee said...

sounds like those flushable wipes would be awesome!!! I will have to check that website out Elizabeth...TFS!

Hey Janna ...did you get my comment on the fridge issue...let me know if you want like a charm!!!

Ki said...

Shopper's here I come!