Wednesday, March 08, 2006


her favourtie for the camera these days... posing! by the way... her pajamas are actually two pairs that she layered. her socks (i can't believe i'm admitting this) are ones she hasn't been able to part with... they say right on the bottom "old navy, TODDLER size 4-5" how she can still wear them, i don't know. they must have been knee-highs... she is now size 10 clothing, size 2 shoe. yes, i have thrown them out, i don't understand it, they still resurface.

junie b jones, look out.

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Jessica Rabbit said...

she is quite the fashion queen isn't she? well she's a good looking girl, hard not to be on top of the fashion world too!

4-5 toddler? OMG! that is hilarious.
so cameron isn't the only shrimp..huh.

Tammy Brownlee said...

OMG she sounds like my daughter! Too cute!

Love the artist you have playing!

Renee said...

that is too funny! she is so cute! lauren has the same socks...