Saturday, September 30, 2006

after i'm sure what was not a very long sleep, the girls had waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. i got the goodie bags from ardene, which was a really good deal and a huge hit with the girls!
then everyone went off to their saturday morning activities, miki was off to ice skating. it was a great time but i am grateful that birthdays are only once a year:)


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scenes from her birthday

the following is really probably only interesting to the grandparents and close relatives... be warned;)

well, we had her ninth birthday party last night, and it was a sleepover. i am happy to report that i am still alive. i think;)

these pics are in no particular order, but after the kids came, i set them up on the driveway with sidewalk paint (this stuff is awesome!) and chalk. that was a blast! i made pizza, we ate dinner, then it was jammie time. then the presents, and then instead of cake, we had build your own sundaes which went over really well, miki's wanted to do that for a long time now! i love the first pic... she was laughing so hard when she didn't blow out all the candles 'look mom, three boyfriends!!' after that, they watched high school musical and sleepover. i won't say what time they finally fell asleep or there may never be another sleepover;)

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that was the only way i could get him to smile, was to tell him that he'd break my camera if he did. i guess that must tell you what he thinks of cameras! thankss elizabeth, had a great time chasing kids with you today, even if my mojo was on hiatus. here's both of our little ones who figured out if they piled some leaves on the side rail, and sat on them, it would be a giant slide. thankfully, no slivers. just love the fall, but who doesn't? the leaves turn and are gone so quickly. make the most of it!
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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

make my day!!

how lucky am i?? and this is exactly what i would have wanted!! i seriously love these books!!

so much cool stuff! i love it!!


caleb and his girlfriend

i just love these pics of caleb and his little girlfriend, just had to share;)

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michelle tagged me about a week ago (as you can see, i've been a bad bad slacker) so here goes:

list five weird things about yourself

(only five??? really, this could go on...)

1. i really can't stand to hear people otherwise eating their food. at home, i usually put the radio on softly for background noise so i don't have to hear it. (these are normal noises that anyone, i'm sure myself included!! make.) however, nothing makes me want to put my head through the table faster than people who totally eat with their mouth open.

ewwwwwwww *shudder*

2. for the scrapbookers out there - never able to do an 'about me' album or anything of the sort. just one page with my photo for love2scrap just about killed me.

3. i have a large selection of tea towels and dishcloths and usually replace the ones i'm using every time i do dishes. i don't know why, i just like it CLEAN!!

4. i love cottage cheese with fresh pineapple. according to my family and close friends, this is weird. i love it though!

5. i am a nerd who would have zero problems with the idea of going to a movie or out anywhere by myself. who cares!! i enjoy it!! (probably because i so rarely have it!)

6. i

caleb and the zen of dinner

i guess the stars really need to be aligned to get your preschooler to eat. had to grab the camera after a couple minutes of this meditation.

i guess whatever works!

happy birthday to my nine year old

and i don't even have any pictures to show for it. well, not of the festivities, can you believe that i left my camera at home??!!?? what was i thinking??? it was such a beautiful evening, we went to LaRonde, a beautiful revolving restaraunt in downtown edmonton, we just loved it. such a beautiful view. for her cake they brought out a beautiful cake, vanilla with a light frosting and fresh fruit inside, and the outside was just rolled white chocolate. it was art... there was a butterfly made out of this chocolate... we saved it to take pictures of, i'll have to post;)

go dog, go!!

i'm canadian and the only place i've ever seen or heard of bounty hunting is on a&e, but, i just gotta say this. i'm glad that michael jackson is free to walk the streets, and OJ is is working hard on his golf game, but duane chapman may end up behind bars for getting andrew luster behind bars. if you like the guy or not, he does great work. i don't really care if bounty hunting is legal or not in mexico, he never did collect on what would have been a $100 000 payout, so i guess it's not bounty hunting. but i guess there are always loopholes. i guess some what of a spirit of the law/letter of the law issue.

that's my rant, i must've deleted about three paragraphs worth. off my soapbox.