Wednesday, March 01, 2006


it's march first today, and the first time i've had to wear my sorels. it's the first real snow of the winter, let alone 2006, and it was beautiful!!! at least it was last night when it was quiet and peaceful, and no tracks whatsoever through the streets or driveways... i love that 'first' snow... beautiful. and, what's snow if ya can't eat it?

i am also excited that my bro jarrod is back from afghanistan. i haven't talked to him yet to even congratulate him on the birth of their son
corbin, probably tommorrow. thank God, i think everyone who loves him was on pins and needles. especially when my friend liz told me about jeff, her old flame. this was more than i needed to know. thank you, God. he's home. Posted by Picasa


Jessica Rabbit said...

that's so awesome to hear Janna! glad you have him back home so he can enjoy the new baby too!

Tammy Brownlee said...

thats great that your brother is now home!!!

Great pic!!!