Monday, April 24, 2006



i love you.

i really am speechless, for once in my life!!

i totally can't wait to post all the details about this. soooo excited, doesn't even begin to cut it!!

i am taking orders, i'm in the process of building a website. if you're interested, please email me by clicking on the 'contact me' link on the right. all my 24" letters are custom hand cut. the cost is $25.00 plus shipping (working on the best method for that right now)

donna's letter is lower case times new roman... my favorite and very popular.

love you, donna!!!

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Peama said...

WTG Janna, great picture!!!!!!

Sooooooooooooo happy for you!!!!!!

Ana Magloire said...

I just saw your gorgeous letters on Donna Downey's blog and I absolutely MUST have one.
Please let me know the order process as soon as possible so I can get mine...I'm so exited!!!
I hope to hear from you soon.
Ana Magloire
(305) 593 9646
Doral, FL. USA

Sarah said...

Will you ship to Australia? Love your letters!

Ki Kruk said...

It really was surreal! But, Donna made it all so REAL!!!!!!! I totally want to order my "K" and "i" Love ya girlfriend! Wish we would have had more time to spend together - let's plan it!!!