Friday, April 21, 2006

big news to come!

no, that is not pizza, it is a nacho. yes, [A] nacho. one burnt, greasy, gross mass of a nacho. but donna was a good sport to share it with me.

we spent a couple of hours at the pub in the mayfield inn during 70's night. between cowboy hats and 'staying alive', i really wonder about her take on canada.

donna ROCKS!!

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Peama said...

Another great picture..............FUN, FUN, FUN!

Ki Kruk said...

Yikes Janna! I am so older than you! That was 80s music darlin!!!!! But I still love ya! It was a blast sharing a drink and conversation with you!

Jana said...

Wow, too much fun! Looks like you had a spectacular time with Donna and definitely made an impact on her which is awesome!!! I'm lovin the big letters too, great idea. I always love it when another "janna" does good! :-)

Ki Kruk said...

Oh crap, then again, maybe it was 70s music!!! But it was the same dang music playing on Saturday night as we detoured by there! LOL!!! I think that bar is stuck in a time warp!