Tuesday, April 25, 2006

letters by janna

is open for business!!

thanks for all the awesome orders & emails!! wowee!!

just wanted to let all you awesome ladies know i am thrilled to take your order!! please email me with your questions or order at the contact me link to the right... and i will respond shortly!! i'm making it through the list, and promise to reply shortly!!

thanks for your patience as i set up a real website!!

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miranda said...

Of course I was led to your blog by Donna and the fabulous wooden letter, but now that I'm here I find you a delightful blogger! :) Will be ordering my letter soon...

Ki Kruk said...

I'm a definite fan Janna! Let me know when you're up and runnin!!!!

rani said...

Can't wait to see your new site!!!! Congrats!

Peg Graham said...

Coolio! I am interested in the letter 'p', so let us know when you are ready to make 'em!!!

Love this idea Janna! Rock on girl!

hugs-Peg Graham

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