Wednesday, April 12, 2006

psychotic pick up lines

1. can I buy you a spatula?
2. bet your wondering why I have no nostrils.
3. you look like the type of person who appreciates catheters
4. do you always wear socks over your shoes?
5. smeep smeep smeep
6. you've stolen my heart but I have 3 more back home in the freezer
7. what's your favorite flavour of wood?
8. may I lick your forehead?
9. your crawlspace or mine?
10. didn't I see you at the grassy knoll?

mwah hah hah



Jessica Rabbit said...

these are hilarious!
I love the flavour of wood one...LOL and the nostril one...hilarious

Ki Kruk said...

OMG - who makes up these things??? Bwahahahahaha - too funny!

Renee said...

you are so goofy! love it though!

Renee said...

hmmmm any of these been said to you personally??? lol hilarious!