Tuesday, April 11, 2006

my secret's out...

okay... apparently i have some questions to answer... after a couple of comments and phone calls, i guess i should explain about, ahem, being arrested... and to think i thought no one was paying attention...

i was wrongly accused. if you don't want a long story, now you know. if you want the rd version... i've done my best to explain below.

the very short of the very long: i was working at 7-11 when i was in grade 12. left alone for the evening shift. two story building, with offices in an alarmed building upstairs. so... 8:00 on an august evening, i'm serving customers, and alarm goes off. 911 was just being implemented in chilliwack at that time, and i called the local police phone number that was on the phone reciever. after going around and around with the dispatcher (she seemed to have a problem, feeling that if the alarm was going off, and i was fine downstairs, then there was no problem (what?!?) so she said there was no need to send anyone and disconnected. as the alarm was still blaring and i was a little scared/uneasy, i phoned my boss, thinking he'd know what to do. it turned out he didn't want to come out. told me to wait for it to shut off. nice. so then i phoned another guy who worked the night shift, who was also auxillary rcmp, and told him what was going on. he came immediately. so the long story short, (oh yeah!) is he went upstairs and found out we'd been cleaned out of all of our cash and tobacco. NOW the police and my boss came.

-gave statement # 1. reviewed video tapes. no one suspicious.
-went home. next day came to work, worked my shift. got home, a detective from the rcmp came to interview me again. gave another statement.
-day after that... i get home from work... 20 minutes later same detective shows up at my door. starts jabbering something to me... i can't really understand what he's saying (i've just been fired, remember... and still trying to figure out why... i'm in a bit of shock...) but it sounds an awful lot like he's reading me my rights... at least that's what it sounds like on tv... then i realize he IS reading me my rights and i start crying. cute. right at my door. for the second time today... i asked "why?" well, did you know that X% of store thefts are committed by.... blah blah blah... so, okay, i start to compose myself, try and pull myself together. all the time thinking, yeah, my dad's gonna LOVE this one!! (he's an rcmp himself) he asks if i'll take a polygraph, i said, yes, of course!! can i search your place? yes! what else? now what? i ask. do i have to go to jail? (how would i know???) well, he says, no, i don't think that's neccesary.



so what does that mean? i ask. 'just don't leave town' he says.

no worries about that... i'm almost afraid to leave the house! but this guy keeps calling me, on the phone, asking me questions on about six different occasions. the same questions he's asked me many times. i'm starting to get quite irritated, and at my father's advice, put my foot down. i told him unless he's coming here to actually arrest me and lay charges (ACK!!! NO!! dad, i don't want to say that!!) then to leave me alone, or else i'd be speaking with his supervisor. that was the last i heard of him.

if they ever closed this case or caught the person(s) responsible, i'll never know. there is NOTHING so much fun as being accused of something you didn't do, and especially when you were calling for help. it SUCKS!

so, there you have it. although i wasn't wearing the handcuffs, i was under arrest (crazy!! a story for the grandkids!)

maybe one day i'll tell you another story...
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Jessica Rabbit said...

okay and I so thought that was a totally other topic! LOL

that's an awesome story - I LOVE IT!

great video btw too.