Saturday, September 30, 2006

scenes from her birthday

the following is really probably only interesting to the grandparents and close relatives... be warned;)

well, we had her ninth birthday party last night, and it was a sleepover. i am happy to report that i am still alive. i think;)

these pics are in no particular order, but after the kids came, i set them up on the driveway with sidewalk paint (this stuff is awesome!) and chalk. that was a blast! i made pizza, we ate dinner, then it was jammie time. then the presents, and then instead of cake, we had build your own sundaes which went over really well, miki's wanted to do that for a long time now! i love the first pic... she was laughing so hard when she didn't blow out all the candles 'look mom, three boyfriends!!' after that, they watched high school musical and sleepover. i won't say what time they finally fell asleep or there may never be another sleepover;)

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Vee said...

looks like so much fun!
love HS musical
i hear there is going to be a sequel

Renee said...

looks like a blast! i want you for a mom too janna! :)

Elizabeth said...

who doesnt love a birthday party