Wednesday, September 20, 2006

go dog, go!!

i'm canadian and the only place i've ever seen or heard of bounty hunting is on a&e, but, i just gotta say this. i'm glad that michael jackson is free to walk the streets, and OJ is is working hard on his golf game, but duane chapman may end up behind bars for getting andrew luster behind bars. if you like the guy or not, he does great work. i don't really care if bounty hunting is legal or not in mexico, he never did collect on what would have been a $100 000 payout, so i guess it's not bounty hunting. but i guess there are always loopholes. i guess some what of a spirit of the law/letter of the law issue.

that's my rant, i must've deleted about three paragraphs worth. off my soapbox.



Vee said...

what is up withthat?
i like Dog to too and was surprise to read that the
other day

Renee said...

i so agree with you janna. even martha got off easy. mj and oj should have been hung but that is my opinion. hopefully the law will see that to put the dog in prison would be immoral and completely wrong.