Wednesday, September 20, 2006

tagged by michelle

michelle tagged me about a week ago (as you can see, i've been a bad bad slacker) so here goes:

list five weird things about yourself

(only five??? really, this could go on...)

1. i really can't stand to hear people otherwise eating their food. at home, i usually put the radio on softly for background noise so i don't have to hear it. (these are normal noises that anyone, i'm sure myself included!! make.) however, nothing makes me want to put my head through the table faster than people who totally eat with their mouth open.

ewwwwwwww *shudder*

2. for the scrapbookers out there - never able to do an 'about me' album or anything of the sort. just one page with my photo for love2scrap just about killed me.

3. i have a large selection of tea towels and dishcloths and usually replace the ones i'm using every time i do dishes. i don't know why, i just like it CLEAN!!

4. i love cottage cheese with fresh pineapple. according to my family and close friends, this is weird. i love it though!

5. i am a nerd who would have zero problems with the idea of going to a movie or out anywhere by myself. who cares!! i enjoy it!! (probably because i so rarely have it!)

6. i


Vee said...

My sister is the same way
she hates hearing people hit
sorry to say she calls me a smacker
but I don't chew with my mouth open
counts for something right?

Renee said...

what was number 6 janna? sorry on the number #2 thing. oops!

D@nielle said...

haha hadn't heard these ones before and I've read a few once this tag hit the blogs ! LOL