Wednesday, September 20, 2006

make my day!!

how lucky am i?? and this is exactly what i would have wanted!! i seriously love these books!!

so much cool stuff! i love it!!



sarah said...

way to go janna :) congrats.

btw...we have cottage cheese with pineapple actually sold here in the UK. So it not weird, its great :)

have a great day

Vee said...

that is so cool
I lvoe winning stuff :)

michelle said...

book blessings for blessings for me..thank you janna for the *wink*wink*...that is how i checked emily's blog...have a happyday

Talia said...

oh, that is so cool! i can't wait to see this book!!

D@nielle said...

oooh lucky girl ! enjoy it !

Elizabeth said...

Yeah for you

Jessica Rabbit said...

I know how much you love these
you're it