Monday, February 20, 2006

my big picture

***disclaimer... this will be incredibly boring for you if you don't scrapbook***

now that that's out of the way... did i EVER have fun today... i was so thrilled to be able to attend the memories wholesale's retailer's event with renee from L2S as a dt member, what a thrill! stacy julian posed for a pic with me and signed a book for my friend who couldn't be there... this woman is hilarious, intelligent, incredibly friendly, i felt like i'd known her for years. i totally felt right at ease with her, what can i say, what a kind and lovely woman. i learned so much from her class, i love the 'big picture' philosophy. i will most definately be buying this book!!

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Sandra said...

Glad to hear that you had such a great time. I got to meet Stacey Julian recently and although I only got to chat with her very briefly, I agree that she's a lovely person. Great picture of the two of you.

Jessica Rabbit said...

all of this is soo cool!
I knew you would have a great time, can't wait to sponge all the excitement from you :)