Tuesday, February 07, 2006

blog slacker extrordinaire

or so says my friend elizabeth. okay, so i am, but i have an excuse, or many, actually. i have had company for, umm, forever, i think! it's so great, i got to see cathy for the first time since my eight year old daughter was very much a newborn, and it was great, great, great! and scrapbooking has claimed another victim (yessss!). she is so much fun, i love her so much. then my aunt came in because they're best buds, and then her husband came in the next day, then they left the day after that, and later that day, my aunt's son, wife and four kids arrived!! it's been crazy busy and lots o' fun, i honestly love it and love having all of this family around... mikehiela's in her glory, she loves being with the cousins. but my poor little caleb is getting better from a cold, and now he's starting to sleep better, thank goodness. i am trying to catch up on so much, but i guess i can rest easy knowing that my laundry will wait for me:) and... i am SO excited... not this coming weekend but the next, i get to go to the memories wholesale' retailers class!!! woo hoo! i can't wait... heidi and stacy jullian will be there! woo hoo! (i said that twice!!) lots of cool stuff, i just can't wait!!!

i guess i should calm down and get to bed!


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Sandra said...

Great photos Janna. Have fun at your Wholesale event. Sounds great.