Saturday, February 25, 2006


so, my friend elizabeth was over tonight. while our two oldest were upstairs, jumping on m's bed, and creating all sorts of mayhem and disaster, our two year olds were sitting quietly in the living room enjoying an apple, baby bach and quiet company of each other. i don't get it. i don't know about anyone else... my daughter saves her worst behaviour for when i have company. why is that?? but i think get togethers for our two oldest will occur only at the zoo from now on.

hmmmmpff. as nanny mcphee would say.
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Jessica Rabbit said...

so glad you posted that, they were so awesome sitting there together, and they GOT ALONG!
whoo hooo.

C&M will only be getting together in zoo's, large arena's or open fields.
sound good?

Janna said...

oh yeah, ita! so btw, the calgary zoo sounds like a great daytrip!!!


Tammy Brownlee said...

whata cute pic...they are both adorable!!!