Thursday, February 16, 2006


here's one of my little sister... i love this photo of her. i took it while visiting in victoria about six years ago (ack, where has the time gone?) i remember the day very well, both m & i, jenni, jason & grammy were down on the beach and the kids & grammy were looking for crabs & sand dollars while i took pictures of jenni. what gets me about this picture is it's so deceptive...;) she looks so sweet, but i had a hard time getting her to stop showing me her tongue ring and quit crossing her eyes... i barely got that flower in her hair, lol... but i really loved the whole set of pics i got from that roll. probably one of my best shots. i miss jenni, she lives about twelve hours away from me, so i don't get to see her all too often. when jenni & i were young, we used to have some pretty serious fights about who was older (i am, by just about two years), because her birthday is in july, and mine is august... her logic was because july came first, then she was older. this would just drive me crazy (oh, to be that young and that be your biggest worry). now i've decided that she's right, she's older than me. i must say it feels great to be 28 again. thanks, jen. love ya xo

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Hillary said...

WOW! What a beautiful layout!

Jessica Rabbit said...

I forgot to say how nice this is the landscape LO.
do you have an album for these?
oh wait, I think I may have seen them.
Yes I'm up late.
Nicholas was sick again :(

2 more sleeps...