Monday, January 09, 2006


ahhh... just going through my files and i came across this... this was a 3 dimensional ultrasound taken of caleb when I was 28 weeks pregnant. unfortunately the stills i was able to capture out of the video they gave me wasn't too clear, but when i was in the room, we saw some absolutely incredible footage. i was able to see features that were gord's, already. seriously, it was one of the coolest things i have ever seen. if you want to check out how it really works (and some super cool video), go to i couldn't find the original GE commercial online, but this gives you an idea.
off to bed, again i'm up waaayyyy too late!!

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Jessica Rabbit said...

whoa...that is way too cool..kinda.
I'm still a little freaked out by the idea, but that's of someone else's offspring, my own might be

miss you already!