Sunday, January 22, 2006


so, here we are, back at home, safe and sound. and sooo tired. but still awake, so exhausted that i can't sleep... i get like that lots... not sure why. hawaii was lovely, so beautiful. and despite my fears, all of the plane rides were very uneventful indeed, nor were there any tsunamis, or earthquakes (big enough) to cause a tsunami (there was one this week on the big island of hawai'i).
the north shore of oahu is 'the place' to be... if you ever go to oahu, i would highly recommend it. beautiful, beautiful beaches, lots of aloha, rich in history, people from all over the world go to surf there. and, jack johnson's from there. what more do you need?



R2K said...

What a pretty web page! The template looks great.


Sandra said...

What a fantastic photo. Nothing quite like a sleeping child is there?

Jessica Rabbit said...

so glad you guys are home - I felt like a piece of me was missing... :)

glad to hear the flight was uneventful as well...relief.