Friday, January 06, 2006

so excited!

i am so so so excited... my very dear friend lisa and her sweet baby girl lauren will be coming to visit in june! yeah! i've known lisa since grade eight when we went to school together in abbotsford. there's no friend that i've had longer than her. like any good friendship, we've been through so much together, good and bad, and we've stood the test of time. lisa inspires me... she has such strength. she has survived her divorce with grace and dignity, she is incredible. her husband left when she was in her first trimester, and it was devastating. but from the start, she was bound and determind not to be bitter and hateful, and believe it or not, that's where she's at. she's worked very hard, her and her alone, to make a working relationship with her ex and his girlfriend for the benefit of her daughter. and now lauren is 16 months, she's doing beautifully, moving forward and moving on. she says she's not quite ready to date yet, but i'm sure it won't be too long. through her personal hell, she's remained optimistic and hopeful, and it's going to pay off... the man lucky enough to find her will be blessed, indeed.

lisa, i love you, my friend.


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