Tuesday, January 10, 2006


well, here we are, off on another grand adventure. in a few hours we will be flying to the sunny north shores of oahu.
seven years ago my friend sent me a plane ticket to fly there and photograph her wedding (i'll never forget that, lisa-thank you) and i extended my stay to nine days because i never thought i'd have the chance to go again. this will make for our third time! what a blessing! i never thought i'd 'love' hawaii, i thought it too touristy. not the case on the north shore at all. the drive from honolulu is breathtaking, the scenery is incredible! truly a testament to me of God's power to create incredible beauty. love it!

while i was tucking caleb in tonight, rhonda swung by and dropped off the new Canadian Living magazine with a pack of 'extra' cinnamon gum... both my faves. i love the little things... to my friend, rockin rhonda... i will bring you some sand. just don't tell anyone *shhh* thanks, girl:) you made my day:)

i will admit i'm tense, i don't like to fly. i do much prefer to keep my feet on the ground, on terra firma. but me and my gravol will go far! many emphatic prayers tonight for a safe journey;) lol... the weather right now is 21C (or 75F), so that's just perfect!! check out the weather at
http://www.weather.com/weather/local/96712 regardless of the weather, what will make it awesome is that we are going with gord's mom and dad (yes, i LOVE my inlaws!) and my dad is coming, too... the last time he was there was when i was 20 months. too cool. i told him he can't stand me in the waves and let them knock me over anymore. he was dissapointed ;)

God bless!


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