Tuesday, August 01, 2006

know what this is?

okay, i know it took a LONG time, but phase one of my website is up!! home page, about us, and the catalog... more to come! please come by and take a peek at www.lettersbyjanna.com!!
special thanks to my new and awesome webguy, brad at 3 a.m. designs . he's the man... FAST excellent service, awesome
pricing, great vision... the best. (brad put this together in very little time after my last webguy had to step aside for personal commitments) i've passed his name on already, i can't recommend him enough. and guess what... he was recommended to me by one of my customers, grace in calgary (thanks, grace!!)
there will be more added to the catalog as we go. got a couple of things that i need to fix in the catalog, but all in all it's been smooth. and very exciting!
~hope to see you there~


Vee said...

congrats janna!
the website looks awesome
so proud of you!
i will be sending you pics really soon!

D@nielle said...

Congratulations Janna, wish you lot's of good business, may you be the big letter queen of Scrapbookingland ! Too bad it's just too costly getting them over to Europe .... Maybe we should set something up over here LOL grts, D@nielle

Ki said...

Huge congrats Janna! My wonderful "k" has it's home now! I moved on July 29th.... it looks fantastic! I will take a photo and send it to you soon! Your site looks terrific - all the best to you in your new venture!

Kathy Pitt said...

wow, this is awesome, big congrats to you, it all looks awesome :) Wishing you huge success!