Tuesday, August 01, 2006

happy birthday to me

okay, so it's not my birthday yet, not until friday (so you still have time to RUN out to the store and by me a gift!! really... don't let me stop you! ;) but since my dad was out here from golden with my nephew jason (he's 12 and he's taller than me!!) and his girlfriend shelly and her son, i thought this would be a great weekend to do it. we splurged and rented a 'jumpy thing' (one of those inflatable jump yards) so we wouldn't have to entertain the kids and i could visit with my friends. great investment!!! i highly recommend it!

so jason had been looking forward to going to the west ed waterpark for, well, ever since the last time we went (he was four, now he's twelve, been awhile). don't you know that the poor kid was sick... he was fighting off a cold and was so tired that he only went down a few slides. poor guy. i finally decided that it was time to go, and we were home by 5:30, and he went straight upstairs and slept until 9:00 the next morning. but he felt much better:) he's leaving tommorrow, i'm going to miss him. he is such a sweet boy.

what a wonderful weekend, spent good times with good people. happy birthday to me:)

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Vee said...

those moonbounces are fun
Saadiq and Synai love them!
bithday wishes coming your way!

D@nielle said...

Love the cupcakes and jumpy thing. Hope you were spoiled ! Or do you have to wait until friday ????
grts, D@nielle

Renee said...

had a blast at your b-day janna....where is the pic of you, e and i? you need to post. i got missed in your collage ;)
your cupcakes were as good as they looked!

Paula said...

happy birthday janna! Hope it is everything you wished!!