Saturday, August 19, 2006

big picture scrapbooking! week 33!!

yay!! remember this? waaaay back when (okay, it was april, not that long ago! just seems like it!) well, donna's week 33 of big picture scrapbooking was to alter her great big 'd'! i've got the before and after shot! i am so excited... and these big picture classes are pretty darn cool!! i also saw a class in there that i want to take... some digi classes from renee pearson!

here's a transcript of the audio file that donna put up for her class (i couldn't resist! how cool is this??)

Is there anything better than diet mountain dew…ahhh! Refreshing, no calories, and just the right kick of caffeine for the middle of the afternoon.
It is week 33, my children are playing outside with the neighbors in the cul-de-sac and I am reclined back in my green office chare admiring my big "d". That's kinda funny isn't it?
Many of you may already know the story about the big "d", but for those that don't, let me share with you where this enormous project inspiration came from.
I was teaching at an event in Canada earlier this year, when this young woman came up to me after class and handed me an odd shaped object wrapped in an unsuspecting black garbage bag. She said, "I made this for you." Hmmm, I thought, I am always up for a little surprise gift receiving so I open it up and my jaw immediately hit the floor and my heart started racing…it was this enormous wooden lowercase letter "d".
Now for those that know me, or read my blog for that matter you know that I really have an affinity for lowercase letters…and if you need proof, just ask poor chelsie who copy edits my text for Big Picture and might I add a public shout out the her for making me appear educated in print…thank you Chelsie!
Anyway, the woman that handed me the amazingly kick-butt 24-inch wooden lowercase d's name is Janna. She had no idea how happy this piece of wood made me (and as that sentence passes through my lips, I knew that there was a joke in there somewhere, but I am going to let that slide for now….) I couldn't wait to finally alter that bad boy up and I am so happy with the results.
I am pretty sure Ali Edwards was the first one to make me aware of how cool it was to identify yourself by your initial and being that my first and my last initial are the same I figure I am allowed to be twice as happy about it.
So for this week's lesson I want you to try altering a letter or a word of your own…Challenge yourself to alter your letter (s) in such a way that represent your personality and style. Nowadays you can find chipboard, wooden or even paper mache letters in almost any size and style imaginable at your local craft store or go all out and order up a custom made 24" wooden one for yourself. I personally am not going to stop here…I think I need to place an order for the word family to hang across my living room.
Now, I am going to go think about that and go check my back account. So, have a ggod time this week altering your letter and I can't wait to see the results.
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Vee said...

this is so awesome janna!
you and donna are so awesome!
I am glad you are feeling better!
I still need to alter my letters (be)
it is on my to do list for september
hope you are enjoying the rest of your summer
take care girlie,:)

michelle said...

fabulous inspiration....thanks for posting donna's words for all to read....i'll be ordering my own big m and g when i decide on a font...have a happyday

Kathy Pitt said...

how awesome is that, what a buzz for you :) I just LOVE LOVE the big picture book!