Monday, May 01, 2006


i thought these would look really cool in our regular living areas, not just our studios or bedrooms. i painted this 'h' set in times new roman, plain old black, sanded it up a little bit to distress it a bit, then rubbed some walnut stain into it to age it. this will have to sit in my bookcase until mytwo year old son is old enough not destroy it when i lean it up against the fireplace... or, maybe on the mantle. hmmm... Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

gorgeous! it looks perfect!

Vee said...

I LOVE this!!!
this is such an enabler post
need to order one fast. LOL
thanks for stopping by my site

miranda said...

That's so perfect- I already have an overabundance of "letter art" in my studio, and this would be perfect on a shelf in the foyer that I've been looking to fill. Good inspiration... :)

D@nielle said...

Great idea, the other decorated letters are so cute also ! I sent you an email about getting them over here !

Layle Koncar said...

Hi there! I found your blog via Jlyne's blog. I think you were in one of our Scenic Route classes at CKU - that or I must have seen you around at CKU.

Anyway, I LOVE your giant letters and would like to order one. I checked out your website and it looks like it's still under construction. Will you email me at and let me know how to place an order?

Thanks! Layle