Friday, May 12, 2006


i got to have a nice getaway last weekend, teaching a couple of classes with love2scrap at their retreat in pigeon lake... heavenly!! i went last fall, LOVED it, and can't wait to go in october. we have friends and family down at the lake as well, so we all headed down for some r&r. that weekend they were opening up a new ice cream shop, daisy mcbeans (cute place!), and mikehiela got her picture in the paper, standing there, all cute with a cone in either hand... another one for the scrapbook!! good thing she's not shy... she's been on tv twice, as well (news programs) ... she loves the limelight!! Posted by Picasa


Vee said...

this album is gorgeous!
love the pp and the flowers
great pics as well
love b/w photos

Renee said...

you did a wonderful job janna! can't wait to do classes with you at cku!