Friday, November 24, 2006

it's RAK time!!

well, you know, the one where you cover the shipping....

so for a christmas present for yourself, or perhaps to rak someone else... like a secret santa?

just leave a comment below... with a link to your favourite christmas or holiday site... let's enable one another.
(mine is , yes, it's true!! i admit it!! lots of great crafts, recipes and projects to last a lifetime)

any letter, any size (up to 24 x 24 ) and pretty much any font... let me know!! feel free to add a couple more to your order;)

this contest is only open until sunday night because i'm going to try and squeak this one in on the run in the beginning of the week.

so, if you enter, make sure you check back in to see if you've won, sunday night, monday morning at the latest. so only enter if you can do that!! or else it will go to the next person... sorry, it's an issue of time!

off to answer some emails now... good luck to you!!

happy holidays!!


Anonymous said...

The christmas site that I really like is

puts me in the holiday spirit. I love all the kid stuff. My son will be 3 years old next week and is just starting to really get into the spirit of christmas and Santa.

Chantel - Ft. Sask. Ab. Can.

michelle said...

I love lots of sites so I thought I would choose a local one I love:

sarah said...

got to say i think all christmassy sites are good surfing fun but i found this one that really brings home what the season of giving is all about

have a great day :)

Renee said...

I'm a Costco shopper at heart...and I gotta love seeing all the new things coming into the warehouse.....

Go on know you want to go there and buy more gifts!!!

jessi said...

hey janna...I have two sites I love for christmas...I absolutely love the martha stewart site (same as you)for the same's got everything!!! love the decorating ideas there and I love kraft canada for their easy recipes and simple entertaining ideas

well gotta run and check in with L2S...see you later!!

jessi said...

okay janna I am back!!! I am hoping you can help me with!!! I love the feet...I am just wondering how you changed your header picture? I haven't been able to figure it out!!! if you could help me out that would be awesome!!!! thanks!

Roxy Roller said...

Hi Janna...I love too! Great ideas! Please put my name in the hat!

Did you get my emails?

Roxanne Jegodtka

~Kathryn~ said...

this is so much fun - while its hot and sunny here - i can imagine a white christmas making my own snowflakes - and it is for a good cause too !!!

Anonymous said...

OK Janna check this wonderful christmas site out!!! You'll love it!!! Good old Betty Crocker!!

Thanks Karlynn/rachaelsmom

Krista said... many sites. I love pretty great entertaining ideas that are as simple as they come. Exactly what I need. Some great homemade gift giving ideas too. I also love In this busy time, I need all the help I can get on getting organized!

Love your letters! Can't wait to place an order and play!

k8tykat said...

how about etsy?

Andrea said... has some great ideas for all aspects of the holidays.
have a great day

Talia said...

ooohh...i'm in! and my fave site...pottery barn!

Kim said...

A friend showed me this one and I love all the fun ornaments