Wednesday, June 21, 2006

fun a la elsie

okay... i know i never had a chance to blog about cku provo but i totally LOVED elsie's class!! she was super sweet, and that was the first class i walked out of with a completed project in hand... GREAT feeling. okay... i'm thinking i should add some of those layouts i did... aaaanyways... so her whole premise is simple, yet so much fun. it's so addicting!! so between the making memories vintage paper i'm in love with, white pens and ribbon, it's a dangerous thing. these are just those 4X6 fridge magnet frames that are so much more fun scrapbooked! -j Posted by Picasa


Jessica Rabbit said...

Janna girl these are awesome!
I just love how you've totally adapted Elsie's style...such a long way from Chatterbox hey? LOL
I know it's your first love but it's great to see you evolving as well.

Good stuff!

Vee said...

i love these! I love having my sb pages everyone in the home.
i bet these looks os cool on the fridge!