Sunday, March 18, 2007

meet mr. teeth

caleb has managed to turn up the cheese factor to an all time high:) this is the standard for any posed picture... or if he even sees a camera around now, he usually will stop to pose instead of ignoring me like he used to do.

heh... note his shirt... it's my favourite that i picked up at a target in provo last year. so appropriate for him... so i was sad when i realized it wouldn't be lasting much longer. but you can see under mikehiela's jersey... i found another one when we went to anaheim... yay for me:)

this picture was taken last wednesday when mikehiela's class won tickets to the oilers game... her and gord went and had fun, even though the oilers lost...

been busy, having fun... lots of cool new stuff around the corner for letters by janna... i sent some off to canadian scrapbooker magazine for their summer issue, can't wait to see what they did with them! i will also be doing an article on altering letters in their winter issue... i'm a little nervous about that!! oh well, i have some time to figure it all out.

looking at new fonts to put in the lbj catalog... and other things...

bought myself a bind it all... i just cannot wait to play!!

saw this on ali's blog... i love her style & i'll definetly be purchasing this! will have to hold out for when it lands at michael's and use the 40% off coupon. i hate waiting:)

working on an album for keaghen, for his first year of life. i wonder why it is easier to do stuff for other people than it is for myself... i still haven't finished caleb's, and i haven't even STARTED for mikehiela. oh well.

and i'd better go to bed so i don't fall asleep in church tommorrow, lol!

have a great day!


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Jessica Rabbit said...

nice pic! esp. Caleb's gum! lol
good to see you back in the blogging world :)
I half expected to scroll down and see our moustache pics too!
I saw that Ali disc too...would love it if it was 8.5"x11" instead of 12x12 but still might check it out...
have a great week
(today's word verification is "iampn" LMAO!)

Talia said...

Congrats on the canadian scrap mag stuff...very exciting!
Ali is so cool...that CD would be fun to have.
(P.S....are the fonts in your banner from an Ali font cd??)

Vee said...

congrats on your toot!!
i love your new banner :)

Love 2 Scrap said...

glad to see you back in the world of all of us bloggers with no lives (just kidding). great photos, like always.... congrats on the CS thing. great to see your talent acknowledged!

michelle said...

excited to see you back blogging,,,, love the stunt shirts... might send my brother and sister in law on a mission to find them at a target in michigan...very cool... I'll be watching for your letters in the Canadian Scrapbooker. Are you going to Canada's crop for kids??? in October.