Monday, October 09, 2006

prairie gardens

it's canadian thanksgiving here this weekend, and we had a wonderful time. gord and i had our anniversary this weekend, but we won't be celebrating it until next weekend... i can't wait, i'm so looking forward to some time with my husband. life's been busy and our wonderful intentions of having friday night date night every week have suffered!

we went out for dinner with some friends on saturday night, then went over to mom & dad's for thanksgiving dinner after church on sunday, and today we went to the haunted pumpkin festival which is something we do every year... we look forward to it every year. we went with renee' and her family, then all met up back here with elizabeth and her family as well for dinner. lots of fun, and love having dinner with friends. don't do that enought, either!

have a wonderful week!

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D@nielle said...

looks like loads of fun !

Renee said...

had a great time with ya chickie! we need to do it again!

sarah said...

love the autumn pics. a pumpkin festival sounds fun. :) have a great thanksgiving/anniversary

Elizabeth said...

those shots are so fun.. love the colors.. Looks like you had a great time.

Lacintha said...

Fabulous pics...your daughter's hair is awsome!

Vee said...

so glad you had a great Thanksgiving
looks like alot of fun was had in the pics!!
take care chicka and talk to you soon!!

Tammy Brownlee said...

see i knew we should have went that weekend...dh said no ...wait til next...well freak'n was raining!!!