Saturday, July 15, 2006

-some photos-

of last weekend at the lake. we have a super cool boss who lets us use his 'cabin' at the lake once in a while, so who are we to say no? elizabeth and ernie came out for a night with their little ones. poor gord, he was taking the kids through the field on the quad (the pollen was so bad, the air was thick with it) and had such a nasty reaction, his eyes swelled SHUT so i had to drive him to the hospital for treatment. i don't know what hurt him more... his eyes or the fact that i was driving his truck, lol. it took a couple days to get back to normal, but i guess gord has hay fever like me now. hasn't bothered me since i moved from b.c. ten years ago, but, such is life!

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Vee said...

awesome pics
looks like fun except for the pollen stuff
what an awesome boss!

D@nielle said...

love the sand photo's but ouch those pollen do not sound like fun at all....
I want a boss with a cabin, or wait I'll settle for a cabin ;-)