Thursday, December 15, 2005


here's a pic from mikehiela's gingerbread party she had today after school. or, perhaps a better word would be sugar party... they had so much fun and were SO wound up, but they all had great fun. mikehiela and her friend winter were making 'pregnant' gingers... layer of icing on the belly, then candies. another layer of icing, more candies, ice, candy, repeat... you get the picture! i was very happy to report that by the time m went to eat it, it had gone rock hard on her & she couldn't eat it... oh well, score one for me! they burned off some energy by using the shoestring licorice to jump rope with in the living room (yes, folks, apparently this can be done), and playing the 'human knot'. the rest of the time they just ran circles around the house... but it was all much fun!


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